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Our last Mac died and we bought an iMac early last year which came with Lion/Mountain Lion already installed.  I then installed Mavericks this year.


I had backed up our old mac and managed to transfer the files to the new iMac but I seem to have both Snow Leopard (backed up files) and Mountain Lion/Mavericks running independently.  I can log out of one and then log into the other which I did to ensure all - or at least - most of my files were available in Mountain Lion.


I have all the files I need and the computer just seems to be running so slowly so is it possible to now delete Snow Leopard?  Will it make my mac any faster and will I lose everything I already have?


I am sorry to be such a fool but I really don't understand how computers work and my husband is much better at woodwork!


Please can someone help me?


Thank you.


Corky's mum!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.2)