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Question: Certificates with the RSASSA-PSS Signing Algoritm

We have a 2-tier Certificate Authority structure(root and 2 intermediates) at our company that's used to issue internal certs. These certificates are used on everything from internal web servers and computers to Proxy SSL termination.

The CA's are set up with SHA1 ,4096bit keylength and RSASSA-PSS Signing aloritm.

Apple devices doesn't seem to understand certs issued from our new CA. Seems like they can't verify the certificate chain.

We have imported the root and intermediate cert into the keychain and set the root cert to "always trust" ,but the root certificate is identified as an intermediate certificate in the keychain and the intermediate cert thats sign by the root certificate shows "This certificate cannot be verified"

Is RSASSA-PSS Signing aloritm supported by apple operating systems?

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Question: Certificates with the RSASSA-PSS Signing Algoritm