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When I plug my ipod into usb port the message Do Not Disconnect is on the ipod screen. And it doesn't seem to be charging. Did I install this right?

Dell, Windows XP
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    I received my ipod (80 GB) yesterday.. I plugged it into my computer at 12:30 (noon) yesterday.. It's been going for 22 hours now, and still flashes "Do Not Disconnect".. I probably don't have the 2.0 USB port, but the lesser one.. I'm afraid to disconnect it before it's fully charged.. but is it really charging at all?

    Please let me know if you get a good answer.. My e-mail address is: Nbafool22@aol.com

  • Kevin Cobley Level 1 (5 points)
    HI I have a dell dimension 8300 it's reasonably modern, but i think you will find as is the case on my machine is that the USB 1 ports are unpowered (u can communicate with the computer but can't recharge things). On my machine only the USB 2 ports are actually powered you may not be recharging pull it out and stick it into USB 2 slot!
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    You have to tell the computer to eject the ipod. You do this in iTunes by pressing the eject button which is the same symbol as on you vcr or by right clicking it in my computer and picking eject from the menu that comes up and when the message goes away you disconnect it. The ipod wont take the message off by itself.