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    I also bought a 30gb video ipod from a retail apple store on October 7th which contained the RavMonE.exe and autorun.inf files preinstalled. Just for reference, this was from the Cleveland retail store at Legacy Village. I was surprised at first when kaspersky anti virus picked up on the files off my sealed ipod. I thought it was a fluke at first, but upon opening the ipod directory, the files were indeed present.I also have to add that my system is clean and checked daily with multiple virus and spyware scanners, so I am certain it was not from a previous infection that copied itself over. I then performed a restore of the ipod off of itunes 7, after which the files were no longer present. In any case, I'm not sure what to make of it, though I think apple should be notified of the issue, since from looking at this thread, it is not an isolated event. As many users are not that up-to-date with anti-virus protection, I'm assuming that most of these cases are just slipping by unnoticed (or hopefully just automatically resolved by anti-virus software). Just out of curiosity, where did the other people in this thread get your ipods at? It seems to be in the latest batches though...
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    hence my suspicion, despite my disbelief that it was likely ...if at all possible... that it came with the IPod.

    good lord. it looks like you called this right initially, dctrjons. see Carol J's post for Apple Support links on the RavMonE issue.

    many many thanks for the heads up you gave everyone on this.
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    Ahh thank you.
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