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paulclark Level 2 Level 2
I need to produce jpg files at 262x193 and 320x240 for use as thumbnails on a web page, but don't see a way to so this with Compressor.

Currently I have to use Cleaner to produce these images seeing as there seem to be a scriptable means to:

1. Export first frame of target .mov
2. Resize to 262x193 and Export as .jpg at Quality 100
3. Resize to 320x240 and Export as .jpg at Quality 40

Dual 2 G5, MacBook, iMac G3, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
  • Daniel Brown Level 2 Level 2
    So you are looking to PRODUCE jpg images from video, it isn't that you have the jpg's already and want to compress them.

    If so, the process you have with cleaner sounds like the only way to go about it - but it is a process you could do in Compressor as well. Just bring the movie into compressor and export the movie twice into the two different sizes you want, and then export your stills from each.

    Though if you have Photoshop, you could export all the files just at one size and create a Batch for Photoshop to do all the reszing to the second size while you sit back and watch.
  • paulclark Level 2 Level 2
    No answer - total mystery. Thanks for nothing Apple.