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My iMac is a week old. I purchased a Seagate 40gb external hard drive and connected it last week. It read it fine and now I need to access information from it. I removed my camera from the port in the back and rehooked the hard drive. Now I get a message saying it is not readable on this computer. Help?

iMac 17 inch, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
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    Hi Kathy

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    If you have a USB/Firewire External Drive you should safely disconnect it. To learn how to to this check this:

    How to connect and disconnect FireWire devices

    It also applies to USB Devices "Drag the device's icon to the Trash. If you don't do this before you disconnect the device, you may damage the files on that device."

    Many external hard drives are preformated for PCs, they can be read by Macs - however if you are only going to use the drive for your Mac then its best to format it for Mac only:

    Do you have a backup of your Hard Drive? Whenever you buy a external drive you should first format it to HFS+ (or FAT32 for both PC and Mac)

    Perform this only if you have a backup of the drive and data
    Open the Disk Utility in the /Applications/Utilities/ folder and select the drive in the list of disks. Click on Erase, and choose HFS+ or FAT32 as the disk's format.

    You can read here to:
    Formatting a disk for Windows computers

    If you do have any problems with Disk Utility then Read here