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I recently aquired a used IPod mini 1st generation 2 gig from a friend. The unit was flat when I got it so I plugged it into the genuine Apple mains charger and firewire lead which came with it and got nothing, not even after leaving it plugged in for about 6 hours. So I then plugged it into my computer usb port with a non Apple lead and bingo, the battery began to charge. I left it plugged in most of the day and this resurrected the IPod. However, when I plug the IPod into the mains charger, it does not charge still, it will only charge via my computers usb or firewire port. I thought the charger may be faulty, so I used a non Apple mains charger from my 4th gen IPod and still no charge. I know both chargers work o.k. as they charge my 4th gen perfectly. Any ideas please?

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    Are you sure you have an iPod mini and not an iPod nano? The iPod mini 1st generation was only made in 4GB. The iPod nano is the only one that has been made in 2GB. You will know because the mini had colors, the 1st gen. nano is black and white.

    If you do have a nano, it only charges via USB 2.0. That is why it only works when you plug it into the computer via USB.

    If you do have a first gen mini,. it should charge via Firewire. However, it really sounds to me like you have a nano.

    I hope this helps!