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I think I found a problem.
open Itunes cover flow, and then open your task manager.
It helps it you have a bunch of albums 200+, but put you mouse over the album covers and start scrolling back and forth through your list....
if you have the task manager set to "mem usage", you should see something interesting.
Itunes memory usage keeps going UP, and UP and UP
now im still studying CS/CE in school, but im pretty sure this is a pretty bad memory leak problem. I mean, if you already have the photos loaded in memory why wouldnt you just "reuse" the album images? It seems that it just keeps loading them as if they're new, and reserving the memory held already, instead of de-allocating it. I mean, i had it up to about 1.2GB RAM before i stopped to post here. If im wrong, correct me. like i said, im still in college studying this stuff. lol

Windows XP Pro
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    Lol i think you may have found somethink m8, itunes must be hogging all this xtra memory which causes it too:

    Give Scippy songs.

    Mess up your scroll bars.

    Cause the file needed to name ipod file in use.

    Not reconize your ipod because it is already being used by itunes.

    Cause the Problem with some people installing it

    And mainly i guess slowing ur pc down, by hogging RAM

    If someone from apple is reading this check for memory leaks, i think this may solve so many problems.... Mind you im in year 10 (age 14) though but i think everyone esle will agree with me, someone just needz to point out for apple from Matypsku
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    I've experienced the same memory leak. iTunes is never releasing the memory use from past artwork. It just keeps piggybacking on itself.