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I am really disappointed with my Apple service. Here's the story:

I brought my iMAC in for repair becuase my iMAC wouldn't boot up at all. After a week with playing around with the machine, ordering 2 logic boards thinking that was the issue and visiting the store 4x to find out the status. They figured out that it was the hard drive. I'm really dependent on the iMAC for home use because my wife uses it all the time. Well, I went today to find out the status, when after a long conversation with the sales girl, he told me that it was the HD. Then, they tell me it's a $53 charge to do HD backup. Then, they bring out genius who's doing the repair and he tells me its toast. First, I was very preturbed that they were going to charge mye $53 for back-up. My iMac was purchase in Jan. and its already been to the store twice. Well, since the HD is toast they had to order another drive. And I told them that I wanted the old HD to see if I can recover some files myself. I have the adapter to do the job and hook it up to my work desktop. I wasn't confident that they were trying their best to do the job, rather, taking the easy way out and replacing what needed replacement. In the past, I have had my laptop backed up before they repair the HD at NO CHARGE. But then again, maybe it's because the laptop was repaired in a flagship store (NYC). I live in South NJ, and it's being repaired there.

Sorry, I just have to vent. I just didn't feel like they were giving me the proper service. The iMAC is only 9 months old, brought it twice and I really feel the Genius is taking the easy way out. I am not basic user of the MAC and I was really relying on my warranty to work its magic through Apple.

I'm so upset I lost all my pics!

I want to complain to Apple.

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    I'd make a complain to Apple if you feel you didn't get the service you're entitled to. You paid for it so demand they follow through. Explain your laptop situation and this one to Apple and see what they say. HD failure are unfortunate events, but they do happen and always at the worst time.

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    Hey thanks for the reply. I just feel that I didn't get the explanation I deserved. Fact of the matter is, I was in there last night to find out what was going on. The sales girl fed me some bad information that apparently came from the Genius in the back room who was working on my iMAC. Originally they said it was a bad logic board, ordered a new one, replaced supposedly bad logic board, issue was still the same, said that the logic board replacement must have been faulty, ordered another one, I went in last night sales girl said they were waiting for the 2nd logic board and that the bluetooth module needed to be replaced too....went in today, totally different story, Genius said the logic board was fine and that the HD was burnt and was sort of dumbfounded when I asked about the bluetooth module replacement...he said that was fine ---- Anyways, you can see by the sequence my concern and complaints. They just don't communicate well in that Apple store since I was fed poor info and an explanation. It created insecurity for me in their repair. I hope they arent just saying my HD is toast and that they're replacing it to satisfy another poor diagnosis. I am losing so much info...i not only have to re-install everything but I lose irreplacable photos and lose my music and files. It just *****!!!!

    Anyone know who I can complain too!!!!! If Apple didn't have such a monopoly on their products I'd go to someone else. I'm stuck with them like a bad marriage!~
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    I wouldn't write off Apple due to some folks in one of their stores. I would bring it up with Apple corporate. I'd have to so some searching to find a number or contact, but you should be able to at least talk to a manager at the store and voice your concern.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah that would be helpful to have someone to voice my complaint to at Apple corporate. Unfortunately, I don't have the confidence that any good will come out of talking to a store manager. They usually stick up for their own. after being sort of put through the ringer about my machine...given excuse or story...I'm not confident they can give me an explanation worth believing. I wish a straight answer could have been given to me. I just feel like they're just saying things to push me off. Apple Sagmore, being such a small store, I thought they'd probably give me personal attention, ie. a perfectly understandable explanation. I feel like I get better service from the flagship store in NYC. The whole bluetooth thing bothers me....telling me it needs to be replaced and that theeir waiting for the part, then to find out they're not waiting for a bluetooth module and nothing is wrong with my original bluetooth module. Just wierd.

    Let me know if you get that corporate number/contatact....I'd like to vent a little of this frustration right now.

    Maybe in a few days I'll ease up.
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