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  • trip nixon Level 1 Level 1
    Check it:

    First, and foremost - GO TO A BLOODY APPLE STORE, EVERYONE WHO IS NOT ADVANTAGOUES!!! Especially if you have a warranty.

    Frilly toothpicks - you like them, I do! My wifes Mac Book (white) did the same thing one day: red light out of audio jack and only the headphones would work.

    So, took a frilly, umbrella toothpick and "tapped the metallic sensors inside - pulling the toothpick out after each gentle push. Finally, pushed the tooth pick fully in GENTLY for a few seconds and removed.

    Red light flickered and vanished.

    High teh equipment: low tech solution. If my ethernet goes out, I've got a courier pigeon ready to go.

    Trip Nixon
  • thenishbish Level 1 Level 1
    This happened to my Macbook, too. I'm on hold with Applecare right now and hopefully they can tell me something to do...ugh. I want to play music.
  • thenishbish Level 1 Level 1
    P.S. Inserting neither the headphones or a toothpick seemed to fix the problem for me.
  • thenishbish Level 1 Level 1
    ...And they said to take it into the store. Boo.
  • Russell Myers Level 1 Level 1
    I just had this happen to a laptop. Does Apple fix this if it's out of warranty? How long does this "fix" with a toothpick last? Thanks!
  • My White Dog Level 2 Level 2
    I want to thank you nice folks, I just got my MBP 17" today, and the internal speakers didn't work, I noticed the red light. I came right here to see what I needed to do. A couple light pokes with a tooth pick worked.

    Thank you again
  • Ksilebo Level 1 Level 1
    Going to chime in with everyone else. Used a paperclip (no toothpicks on my desk at work...) and kinda swirled it around the outer edge of the inside of the jack, and the light went out, speakers started working.
  • bdbrock Level 1 Level 1
    this thread fixed my problem? Looking forward, has anyone seen this repeat times? I'm concerned that it may happen again to me. I won't be using the headphones that I used that jammed this switch.
  • alexmojo Level 1 Level 1
    I also have the problem with the speakers not working/red led. Called apple about it and they said this is a known hardware problem and that they will repair it under warranty. Not only is my headphone jack broken, but the plastic is warped above the big white apple logo on the top of the macbook, and the plastic and the monitor is misaligned so that the left bottom corner hit the base of the laptop when I open the monitor. This is very shafty craftmanship. This is my first apple computer and I really expected a reliable product right out the box like their ads claim. At least apple is going to fix all of the problems I've discovered with my new macbook.
  • quartotenore Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem, no solution. I tried the toothpick trick and it does shut off the red light. But the moment I do something on the computer that produces sound (e.g. play back a song in iTunes, adjust the system volume, go to a website with sound output), the red light goes back on again and I get no sound from the speakers.

    I'm out of warranty and really annoyed at the prospect of lugging around external speakers for my MacBook Pro. If it's a "known issue", Apple, will you fix it out of warranty gratis?
  • Ninjawannabe Level 1 Level 1
    This worked for me thanks! I was a little scared but i read the instructions and it worked in about 30 seconds.

    The odd thing is that i swear my speakers are louder now!! ( i think im just imagining that )
  • quartotenore Level 1 Level 1
    Any advice for those of us who have tried the toothpick/sewing needle/paper clip trick and the light comes right back on? There seem to be several of us who have posted to this topic who have yet to find a solution.

    Let me add my voice to those of us for whom a recall is the only viable and fair solution to what is a KNOWN PROBLEM which, in my case, occurred after the book went out of warranty!
  • jackson3 Level 1 Level 1
    My MacBook Pro got stuck like this Thursday night (red light on, tried all the tricks with no dice). I took it to the Genius Bar at my local Apple Store and the technician there couldn't get it unstuck either. He set up an AppleCare case for me, and said I'd have to send it off to be repaired.
  • thompsty Level 1 Level 1
    get this....
    I picked up my mbp just to look into the jack and see if i could see the switch.... the light went out and the sound came back. apparently all u have to do is look at it funny.

    I'm sure it had something to do with me picking it up. does this mean that this thing is rattling around in there and the problem can come back any time?

    i'm thinking i pushed my external speakers cord into the jack a little to hard and it messed things up?
  • rubenfaud Level 1 Level 1
    Thumbs up to the toothpick idea!!!

    i think the switch is roughly on the right side (3 o'clock) and you want to switch it to (6 o'clock)

    This idea works!
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