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Does anyone know how to keep the albums you import from your music file or CD from breaking up? It only happens to the CDs that have multiple Artists. Thank you for your time

Windows XP
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    You have two options that I know of to help with this.

    1. Before importing, select all songs, go into edit info, Set compilation to on. This will save the files in the compilation folder in another folder named after the album.

    2. Before importing, set all artist info to the same name. Sometimes I do this then add the second artist to the notes field.
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    There are two ways to help keep albums together. One thing I found was that my many albums of "greatest hits" were getting jumbled, so I went through each one and defined the 'album artist' as the primary artist of the album. This works on albums where an artist might have a guest singer on a certain song.

    The way to keep full compilations together is to highlight all the songs of the album, then select 'show info' (apple-i, shortcut) you will see a different info window than when you select info for an individual song. At the bottom of the window (lower left) is a compilations pull down menu. Select 'yes', check mark will automatically become selected... leave it that way. Select OK, if you do not want to make other changes. That should keep those songs together.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you both for your input I combined both of your responses and it worked and know my albums are back together. Thank you.