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Sync calendars between a MacBookPro and an IMAC G-5. Recently, when I try to sync the IMAC with dotmac, everything syncs except my calendars. The following message comes up:

" An inconsistency detected on .Mac for your Calendars data prevented your sync from completing! You should consider resetting .Mac from a computer with good data."

I've tried resetting the calendar data on dotMac from my MacBook Pro, then trying to replace all calendars on the IMAC with the dotmac information but still getting the same message.

Any ideas???

MacBook Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   IMAC G-5
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    For starters, a more appropriate location to post your query is the .Mac Sync forum. Since the release of Mac OS X 10.4 and iSync 2 more than a year ago, iSync has had nothing at all to do with synchronizing content to the .Mac servers.

    You'll find the forum here:


    Mac OS X 10.4.8 Update also introduced what Apple termed—in their typically sparse release notes—specific "fixes for… …synchronizing contacts, bookmarks and calendars to .Mac and mobile devices," implying that changes in the update affect synchronization through the Sync Services framework with .Mac and mobile handsets. They did not update the Address Book, iCal or Safari, at least not the PowerPC versions of these applications.

    The message you see is an indication that you should open the System Preferences application, press the .Mac icon, select the Advanced tab, then the Reset Sync Data button. You can limit the reset to calendar data alone in a dialog box which then appears, and choose the direction of data flow. Be sure that the arrow indicates flow from your computer to the .Mac servers.

    If such a reset has not worked, you may want to search that forum for additional hints.