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I can't seem to delete the dmg files from MSN and Firefox after installing. I am able to send it to trash but cannot empty thereafter. Are these not just install files?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
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    Hi, w. Welcome to the Discussions.

    I presume you're seeing a warning message similar to the following when attempting to empty the Trash:
    The operation cannot be completed because the item "diskimagename.dmg" is in use.
    You have to eject the mounted disk image before you can empty the Trash if you moved the corresponding .dmg file to the Trash. I address that in point 2 below.

    Here's what I suspect is happening:

    • You've download an application that is distributed on a disk image. Your browser is set to download files to your desktop. Accordingly, the disk image is saved on your desktop.

    • Your browser is set to open files it considers safe. It mounts the disk image, which also appears on your desktop. On your desktop, an unmounted disk image appears as follows:

    Whereas a mounted disk image might look like this:

    • You may also be running the application on the mounted disk image, not actually installing the application.

    Here's what you should do when you download an application that is distributed using a disk image:

    1. Install the application you have downloaded from the mounted disk image. Follow the installation instructions provided with the application to install it. Usually this means dragging the application's icon from the mounted disk image to your Macintosh HD > Applications folder. However, some applications are distributed for installation via an installer, either the Mac OS X installer or one bundled with the application. Again, follow the developers instructions for installing the application, often included in a "Read Me" file in the mounted disk image.

    2. After you have installed the application, Eject the mounted disk image by either:

    - Dragging its icon to the Trash.
    - Control-clicking the mounted disk image's icon and selecting "Eject" from the resulting contextual menu.

    The mounted disk image's icon will disappear from the desktop.

    3. Finally, drag the disk image to the Trash to remove it from your desktop: it's no longer needed once you've installed the application.

    4. Empty the Trash.

    Good luck!

    Dr. Smoke
    Author: Troubleshooting Mac® OS X