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For some reason over the past day or so my 60 GB Ipod just refuses to turn off. All the other settings are fine, and it's not as though I threw the thing at someone in a parking lot, so Idk what I'm supposed to do to fix it. It's not on hold either. I'm afraid despite the fact that it'll still charge that it not turning off is gonna fry the battery. Help? Pleaaaaaaaaase.
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    Try pressing the menu and select (the middle one) button at the same time and hold for 10 seconds - it will reboot it (at least that worked for mine)
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    The iPod doesn't actually turn off, it turns off the display. After a few hours it goes into a deep sleep which is very similar to being off.
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    Mine is doing a similar thing- won't turn off, even manually, and keeps restarting spontaneously- I'm running it in diagnostic mode right now, but nothing helpful yet. I don't know what are the correct ranges for some of the data in the results, so that's hindering things a bit...

    Could this be caused by corrupted data? It hasn't restarted once since I went into diagnostic mode.

    Any insights or suggestions welcome... TIA!

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    I had the same thing happen to me, what I did was delete the last couple of songs I had downloaded the night before. Then I completely drained the battery (even if the battery meter is reading as zero I kept switching the ipod nano on until it wouldn't boot up anymore) and then recharged it until battery full icon. Once I had done this it worked fine and turned on/off when I liked, even downloaded the two tunes once again and touch wood no problems.

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