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Am i missing something ? I cant seem to charge the ipod with the usb plug from the laptop and use it at the same time.

If i connect, itunes tries to update it. If i wait till it finishes, the ipod still has the the donot disconnect message and i can do anything else on it.

If i ejct it from itunes, the charging indicator goes out on the ipod.



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    Try going into the iTunes preferences when the iPod is connected and enable disk mode (or switch to manual updating; I think either will do it). Keep in mind with enabling disk mode, you have to manually eject the iPod before you unplug it.


    iPod: Frequently Asked Questions
  • rfugitt Level 1 Level 1
    Enabling disk mode had no effect. Manual updating does not work either. As sson as yo connct the ipod says do not disconnect, and will not change yntil you actuall eject from itunes, in which case it stops charging, or you disconnect the ipod.....
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    Hi all, I have the same problem.

    I want to use the iPod at work while charging, but not having to install iTunes (I am not allowed to install software). Besides, If I install iTunes at work, when I connect the iPod it will automatically sync, right? It will sync to an empty library so it will basically erase all my iPod's music.

    I just want to use the dock connector through USB to charge the battery: I don't want to use it as a disk or manually sinc libraries, just charge while hearing my music (I use the 1/8 plug to connect the speakers and hear the music). Should I buy the AC Adapter (not included) to be able to do this?

    Removing the hardware safely doesn't work either: when I connect the iPod, the PC recognizes it's an iPod and an External storage unit - then the iPod goes into "Do not disconnect mode" (while charging). If I dismount the iPod as External Unit (without removing the cable), I can browse through songs again, but won't charge anymore.

    I need somebody's HELP!(8) <-- (Rolling On the Floor Laughing at that)... :/<br>
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    No, it will not remove all your music. Ive charged my iPod on another computer before and my music was not deleted. Im not sure, but I think that setting might be stored on the iPod (the setting of syncing or not).

    I think this might work: Plug the iPod into the computer as you do. Then play the music through iTunes. I know you can play music on an iPod through iTunes, so then plug your headphones or speakers into your computer instead of your iPod.

    I dont believe you can charge it on the computer and listen to music through it at the same time. Youd need to buy the charger. BTW, if it helps, you CAN use an old charger. I use the charger that came with my 1st gen iPod Mini to charge my video. So if youve got one of those itll work. Or maybe you could get one cheap on eBay. :P
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    This is definitly a problem- the unit should be able to play completely independently of the PC while it is connected and charging. It does this fine on one of my laptops, but not the other. It drives me nuts- I see how it should works on the one but it gives me the same problem listed in the posts above on the other. If anyone knows the solution- PLEASE HELP!