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I have a macbook pro and recently installed bootcamp/windows xp. Everything works fine in both windows xp and mac os x, except that I have no sound in windows xp. I get the sound on startup that normally plays, and audio plays fine in OS X, but when i run windows, it doesn't detect any audio device (i tried using both headphones as well as the onboard speakers that come with the computer).
Any suggestions?

macbook pro 17", Mac OS X (10.4.7)
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    Did you install the drivers from the drivers disc you (hopefully) created during the Bootcamp install? These contain the drivers for sound & graphics etc...
    I realise you get the startup sounds already, but do you mean the sounds in Windows? Anyway, Windows can be a bit funny about drivers.

    Another thing to check, when in Windows, right click on your My Computer icon, go to properties, then in the new window in one of the tabs - believe it's third one from the left on the bottom row - there should be a device manager button (Sorry, I Don't currently have access to a Windows machine so can't tell you the exact tab name). Open up the device manager. Expand the audio and video devices section (or something like that) and see if the appropriate sound card is listed there - this will indicate if the drivers are installed or not.