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Jacob Lauemøller Level 1 (0 points)
Hi all,

To make the new Edge Sharpen control part of the standard HUD:

0) Quit Aperture

1) Go to Library/Application Support/Aperture
2) Copy the file AdjustmentsDefaults.plist to a safe location
3) Open the original AdjustmentsDefaults.plist file by double clicking it. This should launch the Property List Editor with the file loaded
4) Unfold the Properties List nodes
5) Select the last entry in the plist (the one named 5)
6) Click on "New Sibling" in the toolbar
7) Enter RKProSharpenOperation as the value
8) Quit Property List Editor

9) Restart Aperture and enjoy your customized HUD!

Other operations that appear to work are

RKRedEyeOperation (Red Eye)
RKStraightenCropOperation (Straighten)
RKCropOperation (Crop)
RKDustRemovalOperation (Spot and Patch)
RKChannelMixerOperation (Monochrome Mixer)
RKNoiseReductionOperation (Noise Reduction)
RKSharpenOperation (Sharpen)

Sepia and Color Monochrome seem to be handled by parameterized versions of RKImageOperation and I haven't experimented with adding these.

As always; perform experiments like this with care!
Kind regards

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