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I was wondering how to find out what is on your hard drive. I have an issue where I open up evrything that is inside my hard drive and select get info. Everything like library and users and such add up to 58 gigabytes but then my hard drive actual info says that I have used 99 gigabytes. How do I find the other stuff on my hard drive? I would love to have any help with this, thanks.

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    On the desktop is the Macintosh HD (HD=Hard Drive) and in there you can explore the inner files of your system.

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    In my situation the Inner Files don't add up to what the info. of the hard drive is. The Inner files are about 58 gigs and the hard drive itself says it has 99 gigs used up. I was wondering how to find this extra 40 gigs of data I didn't put on my computer.
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    First off, have you emptied the trash lately? You could have files in there which will still take up space on your hard drive until you empty it. There are also a number of invisible files, but they shouldn't even come close to how much space you are missing. I would think that if you empty the trash, you will recover much of the space you are missing. If not, then you have an issue with your hard drive. You can run disk utilites on it and see if there are any problems. If there are issues, disk utilities can not repair the boot drive. You will have to boot off the install cd. Once it fully boots up, go to the (I believe, tools menu and select the disk utilities option. You will now beable to select your internal drive and repair it.

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    How do I find out if there is problems using disk uitilities? I ran a verification but it said everything was verified. What else do I do to find out what's wrong?

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    Also, since I've posted this topic it has gone up to a total of 102 gigs used vs. the 99 I posted earlier. If this helps with solving the problem.
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    Seems like something is growing!

    Try this to see what is taking up the most space.


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    So here is whats up now. I restarted my computer before you posted and it showed that I now have 87 gigs on my hard drive. I ran the whatsize utitlity and it found a 20 gig private folder. Which with the stuff I actually have adds up to almost the about the right amount. Give or take 500 mb. So now the question is what is this private folder. Inside of it it went to a file called windowserver_last.log. I have no idea what this is or how it got on my computer. But I think Maybe I should post a new thread on it. I don't want to delete it until I know what it is. If anyone could help me out thanks.