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I have the 20GB ipod photo version. I got the notice for the iTunes version 7.0.1 version and installed it. Now it won't update my ipod. I'm furious. Someone please help me.

DELL, Windows XP
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    Won't update, won't sync, won't appear in itunes, or all of the above?
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    I experienced the same problem. I'm not sure what fixed the problem, but now it works. I uninstalled all iTunes, iPod, & Quicktime programs. Reinstalled iTunes 7.0.1 then launched it. Docked my iPod then did a "restore". It never completed so after about ten minutes I finally ejected my iPod using explorer. I then launched iTunes and docked my iPod. It recognized it and started downloading files. Hope this helps. Mike
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    Won't update, won't sync, won't appear in itunes, or
    all of the above?

    It won't sync. It appears as though I have all the settings correct. Autoupdate. Also, I attempted the link below and it did not change anything. But thank you so much. If you have another suggestion it would be greatly appreciated.
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    So what you are saying is that the ipod appears in itunes, but when it automatically syncs, itunes crashes? If this is the cases, please provide the error involved. If it is not, please describe the exact nature of the non-syncing.
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    I downloaded iTunes 7.0.1 tonight and sync'd my iPod mini. iTunes gave me the following error message "itunes cannot read the contents of iPod. Go to the summary tab in iPod preferences and click Restore to restore this iPod to factory settings." I did that and everything on my mini erased. I tried to sync it again and got the same message. I've been all over this discussion board and tried EVERYTHING (changing the map drive letter, checking the msconfig file, checking services.msc) I even performed a system restore to see if that would work. Well, I'm sorry to report that nothing worked. I don't know what happened or what to do. All I do know is that I can't listen to my iPod because all my songs were erased and I can't figure out how to put them back on there.

    I've posted this message on several discussion boards hoping to get some assistance.
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    Try this page on restoring your ipod, because I believe that the problem is becuase it isn't restoring properly.
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    I do not believe the issue has been solved. I made the terrible mistake to update to 7.0.1 and now my ipod can't be updated. It begins the process and suddenly halts. Checking the active processes I found out that CPU usage goes to 90% and it stops. I have to stop Itunes alltogether.I have removed and reinstalled iTunes many times.What can I do?
    My Ipod is the color with photos 60Giga
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    I am having the same exact problem... please help!!!
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    I had a similar problem updating my ipod after upgrading itunes to 7.0.1, too. I had Terminal Services' Startup Type set to Disabled in Windows. I changed it to Manual, started the service, and then restarted itunes and was then able to finally update my ipod.


      Windows XP Pro  
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    One week and I can't sync my ipod. I have remove and installed 7.0.1 a number of times and it still halts when it reaches 99% cpu utilization during syncing the ipod.
    Any suggestions?
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    It did not fix my problem. Any suggestion?
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    I am having exactly the same problems. I have two 60Gb 5G Video iPods and, since I installed the latest version of iTunes, I can only occasionally get it to recognise the presence of either iPod. The iPods show up on "My Computer" and are connecting themselves with no problem, but that heap of cack that is iTunes refuses to recognise they are there. As a result I can't transfer any new music onto my iPods.

    I have checked my Terminal Service settings and they are perfect, but still no luck.
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    Multiple Services are required with the new iTunes 7...

    I found this in a different thread for a different problem, but it solved my unrecognized iPod in itunes 7.01 with WinXP. http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=698551&tstart=0


    Try this. I found this in another forum and it worked great for me.

    1. Make sure that you have these services running
    [control-panel->Admin. Tools ->services]

    -Network DDE DSDM
    -Network DDE
    -Routing and Remote Access
    -Terminal Services

    2. stop the iPodService [same location as (1)]
    3. Connect your Ipod 5th gen
    4. Start iTunes7.0 [automatically starts
    iPodService]if not, start it manually in services.
    5. Update the new s/w in iPod.
    this should not take more than 3 mins. after that, it
    will restart ur ipod. ur ipod s/w is updated as seen
    in itunes7.0.