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Bonjour de France,
I am new on mac g4 and i-life and thus Garageband

i am fascinated... because the simplicity to make use of all this, aspecially the project making: from a picture to music making(composing) untill a diaporama.....
never the less i have a question/request:
in garage Band i found instruments which are fantastic such as provided by the SYNTS
on the other hand the more : classical music oriented instruments have a very poor sound....

what are the possibilities to get a classical sound such as: flute (traversiere) or church organ or oboe or harp which sounds like the Garitan etc. because i do want to keep the Garageband program;
1-can i add some VST with clasical music instruments
2-are there other ways to get more out of Garageband


Mac G4 OSX, Mac OS X (10.4.8), just a beginner using mac
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