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The GarageBand User Manual and Help seem to do a fairly good job of explaining what can be done and how to do various things with GarageBand. However, for someone such as myself who is just beginning to learn how to use GarageBand, neither the User Manual or the Help explain the various features - what they are, what they are used for, when or why you would want to use such a feature. I'm specifically interested in such features as "AUTO WAH", "AU BAND PASS", "AU DYNAMIC PROCESSOR", "AU HIGH SHELF FILTER", "AU PARAMETRIC EQ", etc. Can anyone recommend a good book that would explain the meaning and purpose of these features, and when or why they would be used when editing audio / music tracks? Thanks!

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    Before you look for a book, I'd suggest doing some web searches. Drop the "AU" part (AU stands for Audio Units and is simply the 'type' of plug in that GB uses) and search for "band pass" and "parametric EQ", etc. You'll likely find more information then you could read in a life time.

    For the "When/why", for the most part that is subjective. You use an effect when the song you're creating requires it, either as an effect to add a little flair to something, or as a way to make a recording sound better. Once you learn what an effect does (and BTW, playing with effects at their min and max settings can tell you a LOT about what they do), you let your ears tell you if and when to use one.