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I can't view TIFF files, specifically at < <a class="jive-link-external-small" href="http://">http://www.originsnetwork.com/help/popup-helpimages.htm > Sorry, can't remember how to make link clickable.

This link explains what I am trying to do. I have followed all instructions, & finally installed Accel View TIFF demo internet plug-in. Nothing I do will work with Safari. I went to QuickTime & unchecked the TIFF Viewer box, incase there was a conflict, to no evail. The plug-in will work with Internet Explorer, but it is quite expensive. Graphic Converter also will work with IE, but it is a bit of a hassle &, I want to use Safari. Any ideas most appreciated, Thanks, Colleen

iBook 12 G4, MacBook 2gh G5, Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    Go to your System Preferences>Quicktime>Advanced>Mime settings>Images - still image file. Select "tiff" image. See if that solves the problem.
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    Hello again Colleen; )

    I am a bit confused as to why you do not use Preview to view tiffs?
    Is there a site that only allows you to view them on this other Application

    Sorry don't mean to be dense. Please let us know, can you link us to the site that has the tiffs you are trying to view?

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    Eme, The link is on my first post. I don't have any trouble once I have the TIFF on my 'puter, it's seeing them online at the particular site.
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    I'll be in Kona in May.
    I had the QuickTime mime settings with the 'still image' checked for TIFF, before I used GC or the Accel View TIFF. It didn't work; that's why I put the Accel plug-in in the internet plug-ins folder & unchecked the QT TIFF to prevent a conflict when nothing worked. Did you by any chance check the URL I posted? There is one free time to check geneaology. Once you find what you're loking for you get the option of clicking on the 'image' which is a TIFF & I can't see, just a blank page.
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    Thanks for the reply I did look at the page you linked us to, which is for troubleshooting the plugin, just wanted to make sure I understood so the images you need to view are on this web site

    Did you place the Plug in the Internet Plug-Ins folder found in HD/Library/Internet Plugins folder, then do a reboot.

    See if that helps any.

    edited by: Eme additionally it seems the web site has this alernate method in viewing without the plug in, if they chose to ? by using a Java applet,
    see the bottom of this page ^
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    Kona has very pleasant weather usually in May.

    I prefer not to register, and the one-time free option doesn't seem to cooperate with my clicks. Have you tried the same site with Firefox? Safari in another User Account?
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    yes Eme, the TIFF Files are on the site. thanks for your reply, I'm on my way to get the Java applet. Believe me, I've tried everthing. I was up 'til almost midnight & then thinking about it 'til 1 am.
    Like I say, it works with Internet Explorer, but bit of a hassle.
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    Haven't tried anything else except Internet Explorer with QT unchecked. There just has to be a way! Right now I'll see what happens with Eme's advice with the java applet.
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    Eme, just checked the Java applet & it is for the server, not the client, but thanks anyway. That site is where I got the Accel View TIFF plug-in
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    To all, I just downloaded Firefox & am impressed! No trouble at all & it automatically used Graphic Converter to view or save the TIFF file to disk. I still think there should be a way in Safari, but for now I'll be using Firefox. Thankyou very much for your suggestions........C
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    You're welcome. I use both browsers - Firefox for Video content, Safari for mostly everything else.

    Sometimes Safari can be a cumbersome experience (as in this case), simply because web developer's create their sites oriented to Windows. Firefox's structure most closely mirrors the Windows-world.

    Enjoy surfing.

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