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Does anybody know of an application or applescript that will convert my appleworks files to pages files?

Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions Stewart

    What kind & version of AppleWorks files are these? Pages can open AppleWorks 6 word processing files only. Keynote can open AppleWorks 6 presentation files. Neither Pages or Keynote can open any other kind or version of AppleWorks files. Even if you were to get an AppleScript or other means to get Pages to open the files, there isn't the functionality in Pages to do anything with databases or spreadsheets.

    With draw & paint, it would be handy to have access to any graphics either Pages or Keynote. The only way I've gotten the draw clips to Pages is to first copy & paste them as floating objects in an AppleWorks 6 word processing document, save it & then open it in Pages.

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    The version of Appleworks I use is the latest, 6.2.9. I want to convert my word processing files and thought a script, (since Automtor can't do this) would be the way to go. I appreciate your response but it's not helpful. Good luck.
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    You're making this a lot harder than it is. You don't need a script or Automator to open AppleWorks 6 word processing documents in Pages. I said before, Pages will open AppleWorks 6 word processing documents. I thought that sentence was sufficient. Apparently you need a more detailed explanation of "open."

    There is no need for any other program or process. Just go to File > Open in Pages & select the AppleWorks 6 word processing document. Or Control- or right-click an AppleWorks 6 word processing document & choose Open With > Pages from the contextual menu.

    EDIT: Since you're wanting to use Pages to open these AppleWorks 6 word processing documents, you could post the question in the Pages forum. There I & others will tell you the same thing I'm saying here - Pages opens AppleWorks 6 word processing documents. No other program or process is needed.

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    Hi. I'm new to this and to the Mac, but have been emailed a .cwk file and cannot open it. I have Office for Mac-- i.e. Word as my word processor. I keep being directed to buy IWork 6 when I try to open this file. Is there any other way to do this?
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    Peggy is absolutely right. You can open an AW wp document in Pages without help from any program, AppleScript, or automator. If you have a group of AW files you can open them all at once by dragging them all to the Pages icon - and that's just one way to do it. You can also select more than one file in the fileselector. Or command click on them and do an Open With.

    After each file opens in Pages you'll want to take a quick thorough look at it. For the most part the import is flawless but if you created the AW document with embedded modules you may need to clean up a little.
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    HI bubba,

    Welcome to the discussions and the AppleWorks forum.

    As this is a different question from the one discussed in this thread, it should have been posted as a New Topic.

    Microsoft did not include AppleWorks file converters with Office for Mac. You have at least two choices, though:

    1. Get iWork, as has been suggested, and use Pages to open the file.

    2. Get in touch with the person who emailed the file to you and ask him/her to send you a copy saved as a Word (Mac) document.

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    Welcome to Apple Discussions iambubba

    Your question isn't related to the original poster's (OP) question & it would have been best if you had started a new topic.

    Word for Mac & PC both open AppleWorks word processing files, at least the newer versions do. The PC version will result in quite a bit of "garbage text" at the beginning & end of the translated document. The Mac versions has been almost flawless in my experience. Pages can only open AppleWorks 6 word processing documents. So if Word can't open it, I doubt Pages could.

    Since you can't open them with Word, I think it's possible they are not word processing documents. All AppleWorks documents whether word processing, spreadsheet, database, etc. will have the .cwk extension. I have not been able to get Excel to open AppleWorks spreadsheets, although someone else said they did. I'm afraid the only thing that will open this file is AppleWorks. If it's just this one file (or two), you could send it to me & I will open it & re-save it into something Office can open & send it back to you. Just click my name in blue next to this post. My public e-mail address is in the biography section.

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