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I just downloaded all the album covers to my 60G Ipod. They all show up in Itunes but when I play the albums on my Ipod. They are not showing up. The Genius Bar said uncheck the box in Itunes that deals with album cover artwork and then check it again and nothing happened. Why aren't my covers showing on the Ipod and how do I fix it????

Thoroughly confused in KC,


60GB Ipod, Windows XP
  • BB623 Level 4 Level 4 (1,160 points)
    Do you have the checkbox on your nano enabled to accept artwork. Check in DEVICE under I think the General (First) tab, should be checked.
  • CasperGemini Level 5 Level 5 (4,305 points)
    Click on the name of the iPod under 'devices.' The option is on the 'music' tab. Select it, and click 'apply' in the lower right-hand corner. Then, let it update your iPod.

  • erichmark Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Is there an option in my Ipod that I need to check to accept the artwork? I have the artwork box checked on the sync screen that says display artwork on Ipod. I don't have a Nano, I have the 60GB one. It still isn't showing up.
  • CasperGemini Level 5 Level 5 (4,305 points)
    Did you get the album artwork manually, or did you have iTunes download it for you?

    If you downloaded it to your music manually, there's a chance that the artwork file isn't compatible with the iPod.

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    I went to Advanced in Itunes 7 and hit Get album artwork and all the artwork shows up for like all 1,700 albums in Itunes but doesn't show up on my Ipod except for one album I just uploaded today???? I have checked the load album artwork box on the sync page, unchecked it and checked it, and unchecked it. I have reloaded all the album artwork and unloaded but nothing works. It won't show up on my Ipod? HELPPPP.
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    I have the exact same problem; just one cover appears on my ipod nano, whilst in itunes I can see every cover....I also have the right boxes checked......very strange.....bug perhaps?
  • iPod_nano_1_GB Level 5 Level 5 (6,810 points)

    Have you tried deleting all the content off your iPod, resetting it (hold the Menu and center buttons together for 7 seconds, attempt this several times), then connecting it again, and loading all the content back onto it?

    Have you tried a restore on your iPod? -> Restoring your iPod


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    I have done a complete system restore and unchecked it while taking all the album artwork off and reloading it. It won't show up!
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    I too am having this problem with the 5th generation 80GB iPod.
    I've followed the instructions and gone to Devices, my iPod, chosen the Music tab and made sure that the "Display album artwork on your iPod" box is checked, then I update the iPod.
    (This is the default setting anyway.)

    Result: Only a few of the album artwork images downloaded from iTunes will display on my iPod. It all displays in iTunes, but most of it will NOT display on my iPod. I am referring to album art provided by iTunes. I have not yet attempted to add album art that iTunes cannot provide.
    Restore doesn't fix the problem.
    Since I am getting some of the artwork but ONLY some, I theorize that it's an unresolved image size or format issue that Apple hasn't addressed?
    Anyone have any answers?

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    I tried uploading my own artwork to my songs. They didn't show up. When I unchecked, and rechecked the "Display Album Artwork on this iPod", then clicked Apply, I get an error saying the following:

    "The iPod "Mike's iPod" cannot be updated. An unexpected error (-50) has occured."

    I have a 4GB iPod Nano.
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    It's all the iTunes 7.0's bug,then you use 6.5 or earlier edition,you update the album artwork show option,the problem will be fixed.
    So I hope Apple should update the iTunes rightly asap.
  • iPod_nano_1_GB Level 5 Level 5 (6,810 points)

    There is a iTunes 7.0.1 (different than just 7.0) update which may solve your issue. Try it out, downloading it here -> Download iTunes 7.0.1

    If that update didn't help, then try what the previous poster suggested: Go back to iTunes 6, and see if that works. You can download it from Apple's website here -> Download iTunes 6.0.5

    I hope this helps,


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    Just by unchecking the "show album-art on ipod", then syncin'the ipod, checking on again, then re-syncin'n the ipod does the trick for my 2-end generation both sync-processes itunes is warning me I've changed settings.....

    I hope this helps you all!

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    PC   Windows XP  
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    This does not help; I couldn't download iTunes 6 and the latest version of iTunes was deleted from my computer. Now I still have missing album artwork along with no iTunes at all and no way of downloading it, as it was pre-installed on my computer. I can't listen to any music. How can I fix this? I do not have the system restore disks.
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