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Can anyone help me ?,

Here's what happens :

1. I press the power button to switch on
2. The usual grey screen with the apple logo appears but after a few seconds it is replaced by a darker grey/black screen with a message in the centre saying something like 'you need to restart your computer, press restart or press and hold the power button for a few seconds' in several languages(I believe that this is indicates a Kernel Panic)
3. Powering down as per the instruction just results in the same message appearing when I switch on again......

I've looked at numerous suggested solutions, here and elsewhere - the problem is that they all start with either:
...start your machine in Safe Mode...
...start your machine from the OS disc...
and I have been unable to do either (the same panic screen just reappears each time)

I've also tried starting in Single User Mode and typing mount uw / (step 1 of another suggested solution) - again it simply hangs after returning a few lines of text...

I have a G4 iMac with superdrive and have recently installed OSX 10.4

Any suggestions you can offer would be gratefully received!

iMac G4, Mac OS X (10.4.6)