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Hi, I have an ipod nano 2gb black 1st gen on which I always used itunes manually to upload songs for it.
I don't want to use iTunes library, I prefer to select music under my iPod icon, and then drag files to the list, so they'll be sent right away.
Since this last software version (not sure if this bug was already on the first 7 release), I've lost the ability for doing it: when I drag a file to the list, iTunes will pretend that it's uploading it to the ipod but after it's done (sometimes the bar won't even get to 50% with a full album), no tracks were added to it's internal memory neither they'll appear on the music list under it's icon.
On the other hand, if I uncheck "manually manage music" and add files to the library, they'll synch ok.
For now I reverted back to winamp so I can manage directly song on my nano.
I've already reflashed it, both with the new inbuilt updater and older standalone one, and reeinstalled (with reg clean) iTunes, but this problem persists. Thanks for any help!

ipod nano 2gb black 1st gen, Windows XP Pro