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Hi - I recently installed an Apple DVD RAM drive in my 450Mhz B&W G3. As far as I know it meets the system requirements - it has 640MB RAM and built in firewire.

Anyway, I was upgrading from OS 10.2.8 and I kept getting an error. So I ran the disk utility and sure enough, there was an error - and one that it couldn't fix. So I backed up all my files and decided to clean install, and it worked perfectly.

Installation had no problems, and it got completely through to the setup assistant. Except, now it got to the "select keyboard language: English, Canadian or "view all languages" - when I select English and click "continue" it freezes. Sometimes I get the spinning colorful wheel, and othertimes, it just stays frozen. After about 10 minutes, it comes back to where I can click "continue again" When I do, the continue button goes grey and it just sits there idling again.

Anyone know what the problem is or how to fix it? Thanks!


B&W G3. 450Mhz., Mac OS X (10.2.x)