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Is it possible to use a remote desktop program to connect to my Linux machine from my MacBook? Using xterm, I can access my Linux computer, but I cant load any of the linux appications (obviously)... Ive been searching everywhere and I cant find an answer. If its possible, how do you do it? Do the new MacBooks already have the installed software for it? thanks!

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    You'll need to run a VNC server on your Linux box. Then you should be able to connect via ARD to control the Linux system.
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    Actually, I figured it out after playing around with it for a while - I have Red Hat Linux (I dont know much about it, but Im using KDE) and I went in the "start menu" thing, selected "control center", then "internet and network", then selected "desktop sharing", and configured it to be able to share however I wanted it. Then click on "create and manage invitations" and then clicked on "new personal invitation" to get the IP address and password.

    then, on my mac, I log in to it using this IP address and password. (I use a vnc viewer from realvnc.com, instead of apple remote desktop)

    Its a little slow, but it works.
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    I actually figured this problem out. I'm running a server that's running Fedora Core 5 and I couldn't figure out how to use it headless with ARD. I had been using a VNC client. In the VNC client, I was connecting using virtual display 1 (display :1) but couldn't figure out how to do this in ARD as ARD defaults to use display - that's how the end user sees their mouse and keyboard movement - display is the actual display connected to the computer.

    Through some poking around the web, I found this wiki article

    (look at the How it works section)

    It explained that the virtual display ports directly correspond to the VNC port numbers. Display 0 is port 5900, display 1 is port 5901 etc on up the line. So, what I did was after adding my server to my computer list in ARD I then edited the computer and changed the IP address so that I added :5901 on the end, designating the port number. So, my IP address of the server now reads as in ARD.

    WORKS LIKE A CHARM! Granted, you only get standard VNC usability and not the nice things that ARD provides, but it's way better than having to fire up a separate client for admining 1 box.

    Hope this helps someone!

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