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KK So i switched to a mac just today! HOORAY FOR ME! but I dont know why my safari is going so slow...... and when I try to load yahoo pool, it doesnt let me.... The websites take forever to load and im running on high speed internet. The yahoo pool is based on jave and java wont load! AaAaAaAaAa! not the best expereince for a first time user! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP! any advice solutions or contributions of personal opinion would be great! I want my first mac to be the best mac I have ever had!

Gudberto J Nava


Macbook 2.0 GHZ, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
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    I am having the same problem. I have Safari set in my startup folder to startup when I start the computer. When everything else is load, including Mail, and I've opened Explorer and am reading the news, the Safari icon in the dock is still bouncing away... is this normal?
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    Well my browser does run and it connects to the internet and everything the only problem with it, is that it takes tooo long t load web pages and other certain things. The yahoo pool never loads and well all the other pages are forcing me to click stop and refresh, stop and refresh before it ever decides to show anything....... ANY IDEAS?

    Gudberto J Nava
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    Hello Gudberto,

    Welcome to Apple discussions & to Mac.

    To Speed up Safari try the steps below.

    1) Empty the Cache

    ▪ To empty the cache go to the Safari menu and click 'Empty Cache...'. You will be presented with a window explaining what will happen. Click OK to proceed.

    2) Move the com.apple.Safari.plist File
    1st, make sure you QUIT Safari.
    Go to HD/Users/your (username) Home~/Library/Preferences folder.
    Find & e the file namedcom.apple.Safari.plist'to the trash.

    * Note trashing the preference file you may fix these problems,,b>but you will also loose all your settings (e.g Tab behavior and default home page)You will have to reapply your Preferences by going to Safari Prefrences under the Safari menu, from the Safari task bar.

    3) Move the Icons Folder to the trash
    ▪ Safari's icon folder, HD/Users/your username Home ~/Library/Safari Folder/Icons folder, move the Icons folder to the trash.

    *Do NOT move the Bookmarks. plist file you will lose all your bookmarks!

    4)Reset Safari
    • To Reset Safari go to the Safari menu and click 'Reset Safari...'. You will be presented with a window explaining what will happen. Click OK to proceed.
    * Note from "Safari Help"Resetting Safari clears the history, empties the cache, clears the Downloads window, and removes all cookies. It also removes any saved user names and passwords or other AutoFill data and clears Google search entries.

    In addition, any open windows are closed and a new window opens. The new window has a new history for the Back and Forward buttons and the SnapBack buttons.

    5 Disable Add-ons
    Add-ons, such as PithHelmet or Saft, though very useful, can be the source of Safari add-ons can cause performance issues ..
    Fortunately, most utilities like these have an option to disable their functionality to allow you to troubleshoot. You could also choose to remove them from your computer altogether.

    Using the OnyX freeware tool, to do maintance should keep your system working smoothly. Use this helpful directive.Clearing caches with OnyX

    *Please make sure to download the correct version of OnyX for your OS version.

    Please let us know how you do if you have any questions & if this helps any.

    Eme'~[ )

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    Wow... Eme...
    I don't know what I did that you suggested that worked, but it did. Safari is a flash, like I've never seen it work before. I emptied the cache, then closed Safari, then followed your instructions to move the com.apple.Safari.pslist to the trash, then I trashed the Icons folder in Library/Safari Folder/Icons. Emptied the trash... restarted Safari and it loaded and opened in a FLASH.
    Thanks... so how do you get your 10 starts!? Your answer solved my problem. BTW, I did take your advice and downloaded Onyx, ran it, but it didn't solve the problem. Trashing preferences and icons was the fix for me.