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I've tried searching the forum but need to be pointed to the correct search term. I have photos that are overlaid in my photo library. One shows up in the thumbnail, when I go to the edit funciton a different one shows. Both with the same title. I would like to preserve both but do not know how to go about that process. Any advice or direction to the solution would be greatly welcome. thanks Deb

ibook, Mac OS X (10.3.9)
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    Your problem description doesn't seem to say anything about the duplicate imports mentioned in your subject line. Are you having a problem with duplicate imports, or is the problem with existing photos not matching their thumbnails? If it's the latter, then your photo library database is corrupt, and needs to be rebuilt.
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    well, in my library I see one photo, when I bring the photo up under edit another photo shows up. I've tried to be careful about my photo sequence numbers. So I am seeing two different photos under the same file name or in other words one photo overlaid over another. Not being a techie I try to use words to describe what I see.

    Based on your helpful critique of my question I guess my thumbnails don't match the photo. How do I rebuild my database?
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    I've tried to be careful about my photo sequence numbers

    iPhoto doesn't rely on a user's sequence numbers, and depending upon what you mean that, it might be the source of your library's corruption. After importing, you can create (and delete) albums and you can assign titles and keywords. You can also delete photos from your library. That is, pretty much, the extent of managing your photos with iPhoto. If you're moving or renaming files in your iPhoto Library folder using Finder commands, you are corrupting the database.

    To rebuild the database, start iPhoto while holding the option+shift keys. Don't release them until you're prompted to confirm the intent to rebuild. Click "Yes", then click "Save". If you're happy with the rebuild, you can delete the original iPhoto Library folder to reclaim disk space.
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    Thank you I will try to rebuild the database. Let me clarify, I am not renaming files within Iphoto. What I meant was that I do not reset my camera sequence number that the camera assigns to the photo. I think my camera reset the # during a system error on its part and that is creating the photos with the same #'s.

    thank you for your time. Deb
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    Hi, Deb. How cameras number their images varies a lot from one brand and model to another. Some cameras begin numbering their images over again at the same starting number every time you change their batteries. A camera's numbering scheme, no matter what it is, won't normally affect iPhoto, because pictures with the same number will very rarely be placed in the same folder when they're imported into iPhoto and stored in its database. As long as pictures aren't in the same enclosing folder, it's perfectly OK for them to have identical filenames or numbers. You can give them diffferent titles within iPhoto to distinguish between them, and when you export pictures from iPhoto, you can opt to give them the titles you've assigned in iPhoto rather than the numbers the camera gave them. What you can't safely do is rename pictures that reside in the iPhoto Library folder while iPhoto isn't open. That corrupts iPhoto's database and necessitates a rebuild.
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    thanks for more info, I just had to replace a camera and I thought that I would have problems, based on your explanation it seems like I should be ok due to the roll # date and the safety of Iphoto file mgt. Sounds like somehow my database got corrupted. I can guarentee you I don't go in and change the files "outside" of the Iphoto renaming process. I'll report back on how the rebuild affects me. thanks Deb

    "What you can't safely do is rename pictures that reside in the iPhoto Library folder while iPhoto isn't open. That corrupts iPhoto's database and necessitates a rebuild."