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Andrew Onaka1 Level 1 (15 points)
My second internal hard drive has completely dissappeared from my G5. I turned on the computer and it was nowhere to be found. Did a search on my main drive and it couldn't be found. If someone could please help me I'd really appreciate it.

OSX 10.4.8

Mac G5, Mac OS X (10.3.9)
  • Thomas Bryant Level 6 (13,865 points)
    Hello! Open disk utility in the utilities folder and see if it shows the drive so you can try and repair it. Tom
  • Andrew Onaka1 Level 1 (15 points)
    It is a Maxtor 6Y250M0

    It shows up in the Disk Utilitiy but it is in a light gray color, not bold writing.

    Tried to repair and I got a Error saying "First Aid Failed. Disk Utility stopped verifying "Audio Drive" because the following erroe encountered: The underlying task reported failure on exit."

    Thanks for the help, the drive contains all of my recorded music for the past year and I don't have it backed up...trying not to freak out too badly
  • Thomas Bryant Level 6 (13,865 points)
    Hello! I'd buy a copy of Diskwarrior which can better repair the directory. It's a must have utility for OSX. It can do a lot or repairing that disk utility can't do. Tom

  • Andrew Onaka1 Level 1 (15 points)
    Bought and ran Disk Warrior and the drive is back!!

    When I run Disk Utility on that drive again, though, I still received an error "Verify volume failed with error Could not unmount disk"

    Also, now Disk Utility won't repair my external OWC firewire drive. It gives me the same message
  • arnie Level 5 (4,065 points)
    are you running Disk Utility when booted from the OS CD or when booted from the hard drive?

    if you are booted from the hard drive, it could be busy doing something and could show error message.
  • Majordadusma Level 6 (9,425 points)
    Hi, Andrew!

    You might read this relevant Apple Article. As Arnie inferred, attempt the verification or repair with Disk Utility while booted from the install disc. Alternately, for the startup volume, you may use fsck as shown in this Apple Document.


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