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I am subscribed to a music podcast and download songs daily. I can download the podcasts and get them on my ipod just fine. I want to be able to listen to these podcast songs continuously, like in a playlist but after one song ends, the ipod goes back to the main menu. I have tried making playlists and smart playlists with these podcast "episodes" but I still can't get the episodes to play continuously. I have a first generation ipod nano 2G. What can i do?

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    Welcome to Apple Discussions!

    You would have to put the individual podcast episodes into a playlist and then play that playlist. It will play the podcast episodes one after another.

    Is it still going to the main menu even when you play the podcast episodes in the playlist? Since they are all in a playlist, the iPod should be playing them one after another.

    You can also send feedback to Apple and request that Podcasts play one after another...

  • Zach Toups Level 1 Level 1
    With software version 1.2, they'll play sequentially in a playlist...in 1.3, they do not.

    Don't upgrade, as far as I can tell, you can't downgrade.

    Thanks, Apple, for making the iPod unusable again!
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    I have the exact same issue. Currently I have the second generation 8gb nano. I had a 1st generation ipod and a 4th generation and this was not an issue for either of those ipods nor is it an issue for my wife's mini. I have tried creating the list one podcast at a time with no improvement. I did however; submit feedback to apple that there is an issue as recommended above.

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    I discovered that disabling song shuffling should let you put all the podcasts into a smart playlist, and have them play sequentially that way.
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    Thanks. That works.