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Um yeah my parents are getting me a MacBook 13inch one and I'm new to macs. I've been a PC desktop user my whole life. And frankly I hate Windows and I've crashed just about every computer I've come in contact with =]

So tell me.. when I buy a macbook online from the apple store does it automatically come with like a Wifi card or something so I can hook up to the internet while in the car or at a friends house?

Also I run DSL from this computer which is a desktop Dell in my room... so I need some sort of special attachment or anything to plug into my DSL modem so I can pick up the wireless signal like all around my house? So like I can be downstairs on the couch and pick up a wireless signall from upstairs?

I'm new at all this so I would love it if someone could explain this a bit better for me :P

Dell, Windows XP