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Um yeah my parents are getting me a MacBook 13inch one and I'm new to macs. I've been a PC desktop user my whole life. And frankly I hate Windows and I've crashed just about every computer I've come in contact with =]

So tell me.. when I buy a macbook online from the apple store does it automatically come with like a Wifi card or something so I can hook up to the internet while in the car or at a friends house?

Also I run DSL from this computer which is a desktop Dell in my room... so I need some sort of special attachment or anything to plug into my DSL modem so I can pick up the wireless signal like all around my house? So like I can be downstairs on the couch and pick up a wireless signall from upstairs?

I'm new at all this so I would love it if someone could explain this a bit better for me :P

Dell, Windows XP
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    hahaha opps. i meant to post this in the macbook forum but i clicked the wrong thing

    my desktop computers screen freezes up all the time so i click the wrong stuff all the time >_> takes forever to get anything done
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    Since I didn't see the new topic in the MB forum, I'll answer here.

    Yes, the MBs come with both ethernet and wireless (Airport) for networking. You do not need to add anything to your order to get either one. They do not come with a dial-up modem, so if you need one, you will need to add that.

    Some DSL providers give you a wireless gateway which serves as a router and modem. If that is what you have, then you will not need any additional hardware. If you have just a modem, then you will need a wireless router to get the wireless signal.

    You can get an Airport base station, but almost any standard 802.11G router will work fine. I use a Netgear WGR614 at my home, but I also regularly connect to a D-Link and Belkin as well. For now, since there are some lingering issues with Linksys, I would avoid them for now.
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    Thank you =]

    My DSL has a wireless router I think. I know it can network and such. Blech I'm so bad at technically terms xD

    Thanks for helping me out!