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I'm not sure if anyone else encountered this recently but I updated a driver and bios of my Company provided laptop, an HP/Compaq nc6220 with the Intel ProSet Wireless card. I've had motherboard troubles with this laptop and after replacing the 3rd motherboard, my wireless card no long wants to connect to my home Airport network. Basically, prior to the motherboard replacement, I had no trouble what so ever but now, it sees the Airport network but cannot connect. I have 4 Apple computers of one variety or another and all connect wirelessly without issue.

I originally had all 4 of my Airport's set up with WEP 128Bit with MAC address locked down using Access Control. I cleared all that and tried to access the network but to no avail. I next went in and changed from WEP 128Bit to WPA2 Personal and reset all my Macs and the HP laptop. The Mac's all came on line but the HP is still trying to figure it out. All of my MAC addresses were reapplied since that apparently didn't have an affect and I have the latest drivers installed on Winblows XP. After resetting the security, making changes to the Access Control piece of the Airport's I have and then rebooting Winblows I still cannot connect to my Airport's from the HP laptop.

At this point, I have no idea what to do. I did roll back the driver to the previous version but that had no affect on it. I can connect to the office Wireless LAN but it's a wide-open network with no security what so ever. The only thing I can surmize at this point is that the encryption methods the Intel ProSet Wireless adapter uses is somehow corrupted.

One freak-thing that happened tonight, I was able to connect to the Airport for about 15 minutes, sent an IM to a friend then it dropped and I wasn't able to reconnect.

Any help or guidance that can be provided would be greatly appreciated!


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    For anyone out there with Intel ProSet issues connecting a Windoze XP to your Airport network, please note that there may be software issues that I found the only way to resolve them is to completely uninstall all drivers and software from your system. As a precautionary measure, I decided to eliminate all references to the driver from the registry, delete all relative files from their driver directory and then do a fresh install.

    That seemed to work and I'm now connecting without issue.
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    I'm seeing this problem on my work computer, which is an HP nc 8230. Can you give a few of the details of what you removed.

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    It's fairly detailed but I'll try to map in everything I did below:

    I first made note of the specific drivers that this device uses: W29N51.SYS / NETW2C32.DLL / NETW2R32.DLL

    I then went into the Device Manager and uninstalled the Network adapter device: "Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2915ABG Network Connection" [do not perform a search for new hardware after that]

    I then went into the "Services" window (under Services and Applications in the MMI) and stopped all of the "Intel(R) PRO/Wireless..." services. Note, do not change the default status of the service! also note, you may not see these services running once you've uninstalled the driver but my system was so screwed up they were still there.

    Once all the services have been stopped and the driver uninstalled, proceed to the registry by starting RegEdit from the Run window. NOTE!!! I don't advocate editing the registry if you are not familiar with it. I also recommend you back up the registry for precautionary measures and saving it to a disk. I also recommend before doing this that if you haven't, at this time.. create a Windows Repair Disk - check your help system for details.

    Once you've backed up your registry, do a search for all references to the file name "W29N51" (leaving out the .sys portion) This will open up several references to the file and the associated programs in the registry. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! you will need to delete only the reference keys (that look like folders) with this name in it. There will be some further references to the file and the "Intel(R) PRO/Wireless" drivers that you'll have to remove.

    I unfortunately didn't keep track of each key location in the registry to reference here. If you are unsure about doing this, I recommend you do not edit the registry and proceed below with deleting the files.

    Once you've completed the deletions of the registry references noted above, go into your directory "Windows/System32/Drivers" and remove the three files noted above. You'll also need to a directory under "System32" titled "DRVSTORE" which is a backup location for the drivers of this device. This is to prevent Windows from automatically restoring the drivers before you get a chance to reinstall.

    At this point, reboot your system and everything will come up normally and Windows will ask you to install a new driver for the device. DO NOT INSTALL ONE AT THIS TIME AND CLICK CANCEL! Download the complete Intel(R) PRO/Wireless utility and run the setup program. Once complete, reboot your computer and set up your wireless networks once more.

    This should resolve your problem as it did for me.

    Sorry for the lengthy message, I hope you have good success as I did.