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I'm running a mobile account with PHD and have Home Sync set to sync every 30 minutes.

I have noticed that at some point in the last couple of months, the Home Sync appears to be working, but isn't - as newer files stored locally are not reflected in the server Home directory.

I've looked in Mirroragent.log and notice that the sync agent is picking up what needs to happen, but isn't actually doing the sync. Below is an excerpt from the log file. I notice that missing from each line is the "OKAY" between the "0" and "MODIFIED". When I have viewed another users machine with same settings (and working), the "OKAY" is present. There is also an error message present in the log (see below).

I have tried deleting ~/Library/Mirrors/* and all I get now is a continually message saying "There are 100015 synchronisation conflicts" (which I expected). I chose the option to "always resolve using the file on this computer" which makes the message go away until next sync.

I've tried manual sync with identical results.

Any help would be appreciated, as my current data is not being backed up.

Log file excerpt:
0 MODIFY --> Pictures/iPhoto Library/AlbumData.xml
0 MODIFY --> Pictures/iPhoto Library/Dir.data
0 MODIFY --> Pictures/iPhoto Library/Library.iPhoto
0 MODIFY --> Pictures/iPhoto Library/Thumb32.data
0 MODIFY --> Pictures/iPhoto Library/Thumb64.data
0 MODIFY --> Pictures/iPhoto Library/ThumbJPG.data
0 MODIFY --> Pictures/iPhoto Library/iPhoto.db
0 MODIFY --> Pictures/iPhoto Library/iPhoto.ipspot

I also get this error ....
Wed Oct 18 12:08:16 2006: /SourceCache/MirrorAgent-99.9.3/FileSync-99.9.3/Agent/Engine/SyncJob.m,821 err -120 (-[SyncFileInfo reverifyFileOrFolderNode])
Wed Oct 18 12:08:16 2006: /SourceCache/MirrorAgent-99.9.3/FileSync-99.9.3/Agent/Engine/SyncJob.m,653 _error -120 (-[SyncJob(private) reverify])
-reverify failed (-120) for object "Contents":
* Re-verification failed for "Contents" (-120) *
-120 FAIL ADDED (dir) <-- Documents/Widgets/Analog Clock.widget/Contents/
Scheduling "HomeSync_Mirror" for next update at Wed Oct 18 12:38:20 2006
Wed Oct 18 12:08:17.840 2006 * Done syncing "HomeSync_Mirror"
Elapsed time: 00:54.872
Command thread terminating.

PowerBook G4 15'   Mac OS X (10.4.8)