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G5, Mac OS X (10.4)
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    Flip4Mac is one way. It's meant to be used as a plugin for Safari and other web browsers for the Mac. But if your buddies are sending them to you in an email, you could just drap and drop the .wmv file into an open Safari window and it should play.
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    whenI've attempted to open a .wmv file in an email, the download mgr downloads the file to my desk top. But when I attempt to open the file it says it is not supported. How do I open it in safari?
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    Hi DAYALA,

    did you download and install as Kurt advised? Once this is done you can open that file with QuickTime Player.
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    all my .WMV files open in iTunes. I record using Ableton Live and all the WMV files are played through iTunes, Windows Media Player, Quick TIme, etc...
    Never had any problem playing them and they are all recorded on a PC and played on a MAC with iTunes.
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    not yet - been out of town. thanks for your help
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    thanks for your help. i'll give it a try