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I want to delete my voice memos on my Windows computer (to free up disk space), but leave the voice memos intact on my iPod. How can I accomplish this? (iTunes says that when I delete from my computer, the memos will also be deleted from my iPod, which I don't want to happen). Thank you for your help (I'm a new iTunes/iPod user).

IBM Thinkpad T42, Windows XP Pro
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    How many Gigs do you have on your computer? if you convert the voice memos to AAC which is possible after you put them on iTunes, they take up virtually no room.

    When you plug in your iPod and a notice comes up asking if you want iTunes to put the voice memos from your iPod into your Library, selct "No".

    If you want the voice memos to stay off your computer, your going to have to manage every manually, if you have iTunes manage automatically, it will delete the memos off your iPod because iTunes duplicates Movies, Music, TV shows, Memos, etc, from iTunes directly to iPod. Managing all material manually is a heavy price to pay just to keep memos off your computer. That's the way it goes. If any knows hows to keep the memos out of the Library but still keep on the iPod, that would be pretty intelligent of them.
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    Thanks for your help. I have like 8 GB of training presentations on my hard drive and I need to free up some space. I will try the AAC option to try to save space. Any idea how much I could compress 8 GB to with AAC?
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    I'll make a voice memo tonight and convert to AAC on my computer and figure out what the factoring is, I'm at college right now, : /. It's possible to figure out.
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    Aight, sorry it took me so long, I recorded a voice memo, it was 40.7 MB big, I converted it to AAC which resulted in 3.8 MB. So if you divide 40.7 by 3.8 the conversion answer is 10.71. So if you were to take 8 Gigs, and divide it by the conversion # (10.71) you should get .7469 so if you have 8 Gigs worth of WAV file Memos, the files can be converted (to AAC) for less than a Gig, .7469 of 1 Gig to be exact.

    Any other questions I can try and figure out?