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  • Steve Palmen Level 1 (5 points)
    Following up: Took my iHum into the local Apple Store (it's the the third iMac 24" I have with this problem.) The tech there heard the hum loud and clear. Replaced the screen / LCD inverter. Still hums. So... I guess it's a "feature".

    Truly annoying quality of an otherwise truly great Mac.
  • scapesuiter Level 7 (27,660 points)
    I was able to access my 17" Intel iMac Core Duo today and I can confirm that there is no hum when I adjust the brightness up or down.
  • ch.denis Level 1 (0 points)
    Will Apple react to the our problem?

  • scapesuiter Level 7 (27,660 points)
    My 17" Core Duo was purchased in June, 2006. My sister's 17" Core 2 Duo was purchased at the end of November, 2006.
  • scapesuiter Level 7 (27,660 points)
    As a follow up, I was able to access my sister's 17" Core 2 Duo iMac and there is no hum when changing the brightness of the display so I don't have any explanation why some are having a problem. You'll probably have to take it in to an Authorized Apple Service Provider to assess.
  • ch.denis Level 1 (0 points)
    i have 7 24" imacs
    all 7 with hummm!

    20" c2d imacs -- no hum
  • iSlaw Level 1 (0 points)
    Here's my first post so I beg your patience.

    I recently bought a 24" iMac and it started humming within a couple days. My 17" is dead quiet. I called Apple. They opened a ticket and two days later I had to call back. The humming is very loud and has nothing to do with the screen brightness. (However, tilting the display all the way back often makes a difference.) They told me to take it to a local Mac dealer nearby and said that I should tell them is this an "emerging issue." We'll see what happens.

    2 cents from the rookie...
  • ch.denis Level 1 (0 points)
    any news?
  • scapesuiter Level 7 (27,660 points)
    ch.denis, if you have a problem with your computers, it is up to you to contact Apple regarding the problem.
  • dynamicfigure Level 1 (0 points)
    Before getting my 24 inch iMac I looked over this board for known problems. I then went down to my local Apple dealer and listened intently for the afore mentioned hum on the store units. All of their iMac's, including the 24 inch were quiet as a mouse. I then called the folks at Apple and ordered a 24 inch iMac for myself. Earlier this evening it arived, I fired it up, and man is that hum annoying! Tilting the screen has no effect, heck I even picked the unit up and suspended it in the air and it sounded the same (so it is not coming from the base). It is quite the grating sound. Like all the other posters mentioned, it gets louder and louder as you turn down the brightness, and essentially goes away at full brightness. Major bummer! I guess Apple Care will be getting a call from me tomorrow. I'll let the board know how their response goes.   

    iMac 24 inch   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   Apple owner for 5 years and counting...

  • spiralgirl Level 2 (180 points)
    I just got my 17" iMac 2 GHz 1 GB Core2Duo 2 days ago and it doesn't hum but has a slight purr sound but it isn't constant. It only happens when I'm running certain applications and sometimes it is totally quiet.

    Since I wasn't sure if this was normal I posted this question and got this answer from Chris Harwood:

    The slight purr is the cooling fans running, the volume of which depends on the room noise. When some firmware updates are carried out these run at full speed and are quite noisy they then shut down to the purr again.

  • spiralgirl Level 2 (180 points)
    I just posted about this on my PowerbookPC and it hasn't shown up. Yes, I just bought my 17" iMac 2GHz 2 days ago and it does have a slight hum all the time like it is running. When I put my ear up close to the screen I can hear it. Also I get a slight purring when I'm on the internet and running other applications and someone said that was the fans cooling.

    Thought this was normal. It isn't really loud though.

  • ch.denis Level 1 (0 points)
    ch.denis, if you have a problem with your computers, it is up to you to contact Apple regarding the problem.

    I have asked

    The answer is not present
  • Level 6 (11,035 points)
    I don't know if this is good news or bad for you folks but I recently started using a 24" iMac with all upgrades that was manufactured in Shanghai the last week of November. This machine has no hum whatsoever - no matter where the brightness level is set. Also no bad pixels or uneven illumination.

    So, if you are thinking of buying a new tricked-out 24" iMac now, chances are it will be a winner. The ones that are rolling out now are pretty darn nice!

  • jaumesignes Level 1 (0 points)
    Well, I have recibed last 22th december my Imac 24" 2.33ghz 2gb gt7600 500hd, and I upgrade to 10.4.8 and EFI 1.1 , i don´t know if before the upgrade the mac was humming because i adjust the level after, but the hum is now working when i adjust the brigthness level, rest of the imac seems to work perfectly, but now i´m not happy with this issue.what news we have about hum? can apple fix this in the future upgrade or is better that call applecare for new imac?? i read that two persons have 3 changes to fix hum and new imacs have the hum since the begining.what can we do?
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