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Brad Montgomery Level 1 (0 points)
I've got a 1.42 G4 Mac mini that was starting to lock up fairly soon after booting. I would get the spinning beach ball right after starting Safari. I though it might be the hard drive, so I booted with the Tiger dvd, and ran the Verify Disk from the Disk Utility. Everything seemed to check out so I tried to boot again, with no luck. I also ran the Hardware Test that came with the machine, which also checked out ok. Suddenly, my startup disk has disappearded and I get the flashing Question mark when I boot. So here's what I've done since:

- Reset PRAM
- Run the Hardware Test... everything checks out.
- boot with Tiger DVD, run Disk Utility, and Verify Disk: I get a message that says "Invalid B-tree node size" and "Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit"

Any Ideas?


Mac mini G4 - 1.42Gz   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   512Mb RAM, 80Gb Hard Disk