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I don't know if this belongs here or a .mac forum, but i think the rss reader i use-- Netnewswire -- does not get updated by my posts to my web.mac.com blog. Anyone have an idea why? The only way it gets updated is when i unsubscribe to the blog and subscribe again. I use iWeb for my blog. Is there anything i have to tinker with to get my blog updating on Netnewswire?

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  • James Tseng Level 6 (12,120 points)
    I think this is a NetNewsWire issue. It is up to an RSS aggregator program to "update" feeds, not for feeds to update the aggregators. Basically, your blog has one feed URL. The feed URL doesn't change. What changes are the contents of the rss.xml file that the feed URL refers to. This rss.xml file is updated everytime your blog is updated by iWeb.

    If you problem goes away with unsubscribing and resubscribing, then it is not an iWeb issue or any kind of issue with your RSS feed. This is a problem with your RSS program.
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    Am having the same problem here and not using NetNewsWire.

    I use a range of RSS programs to check that the feeds are working for different people.

    Basically when I update my .mac page the RSS normally updates after a few hours - normally overnight. The last couple of times, the RSS has not updated for ages - either in Thunderbird, Safari or as a an iTunes subscription and either on my laptop or a separate PC. Interstingly, the feed appears in the iTunes store. I guess this may be that the iTunes store is taking the update from elsewhere?

    A friend of mine is having regular problems in getting Thunderbird to update various RSS feeds she has.

    Is this just a general problem with RSS or is it that .mac is not updating the feed properly? What do people think?
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    So RSS readers have just updated with my latest podcasts 19 hours after they were uploaded to web.mac.com.

    Is this standard? Apple really need to be more honest about issues if they have them.