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Bill C. Reed Level 1 (0 points)
Occasionally, not predictably, my emac G5 will give out a loud "sigh" from behind the screen. It can be described as a tired sigh or perhaps an ocean wave crashing on a beach. It doesn't seem to affect the computer's performance. What's causing the noise?

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  • Donald Morgan Level 6 (12,770 points)
    Welcome to the discussions.
    It almost sounds like your mail application
    There is a noise that sounds like a swishing sound whenever you send or recieve mail.
    If your Mail Application is open and you are using another application at the same time this is way to let you know when you recieve mail.
    Here is a test. Open your mail and send a e-mail to a friend as a test and when you hit send see if that is the noise you are hereing.
  • Bill C. Reed Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm familiar with the email sound and it's definitely not that. The sound has a definite "sigh"/ocean wave quality and in some cases may last for 2-3 seconds.
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    When i start up my computer, it makes the loud startup sound.

    now, after the loud sound, it sounds like a breeze or ocean wave is like crashing.

    what is this?
  • K.S. Level 4 (3,690 points)
    I just sent an email that took a long time to compose and when I went to sent it, I heard a sort of sighing noise, not much louder than the fan, for a few seconds. I took it to be the hard drive waking up (mine's set to sleep whenever possible) but it could be something else. But definitely not an email alert sound.

    All I can say is that "you're not alone!"

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