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wackybit Level 1 Level 1
I can type √123, but there's no bar on top to indicate where the square root stops. How do I do this?

And I can type 1/2, but I want to get the line dividing 1 and 2 to be horizontal. So the 1 will be on top and 2 on the bottom.

Anybody know how to do this in Pages?


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  • FrankBe Level 4 Level 4
    Hello wackybit,

    to get correct math terms you need an other app for creating it and than insert the result into Pages. In the folder "Application > Utitlities" there is the app "Grapher" with the abilities of good math equations creation. Just drag and drop the equation or whatever you need from Grapher into Pages. This is of course no solution if you need a lot of equations. But it is without buying another.

    If you want to use only Pages in your workflow, than there is no solution to do that in a proper way.

    I hope this helps a bit.

  • wackybit Level 1 Level 1
    But doesnt the equation used in Grapher, when transferred into Pages, become an object? non editable and must resize by using resizing tool, not font size?

    I'm kinda looking for another, more practical solution....

    Thanks anyways
  • FrankBe Level 4 Level 4
    You are right wackybit. The insertion will be a PDF object and so it is scaleable but not editable in Pages. You have to edit it in Grapher. So this is why I wrote it is not for using a lot of equations. You can adjust the size of the font in Grapher by selecting the part you want to resize in the equation view and press the "^" key for lower the size. Unfortunately I don't know how to rise it.

  • wackybit Level 1 Level 1
    Well, I guess there's no other way....

    Thanks Frank
    PS: hey it rhymes :P
  • Dalle Level 1 Level 1
    You can buy the add-in MathType (http://www.dessci.com/en/products/mathtype/?t) which is available for OS X. Or try the formula editor in NeoOffice.