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I want to start comverting my old LPs to audio files and was wondering if anyone has done it and had advice. I am thinking about getting a new turntable with built in preamp and the software I am leaning towards is "Spin it again." But I want to make it easy adding them to my iTunes library and on my iPod. I hope that someone has gone through this process and I can learn from all your hard work. Thanks ahead of time.


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    The method I use to record vinyl is to connect the turntable (through the Tape-out sockets of the amplifier) to the audio-in socket of the computer. On the computer you'll need audio editing software to capture and edit the resulting long file into individual tracks that can be added to the iTunes Library. There are a number of commercial programs for this (I use Sound Studio for the Mac but there are Windows programs). If want to try out the process first you could try the open source program Audacity which has Linux, Mac and Windows versions at this link: Audacity

    In addition to the software you'll need RCA to 3.5 mm audio plug cables to connect the Tape Out sockets of your amplifier to the audio inputs of your computer. There's a short guide to recording here: How to record from vinyl and cassette to a computer also from the BBC Copying Vinyl Recordings to CD
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    Do you have a simple way to get the copied files into iTunes? When I added some MP3s into the library I had to play each one at a time to get it in the library. If I am going to do my albums that is going to be a lot of work.

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    I'm not sure why you had to play the song in it's entirety to add it to iTunes--you usually only have to do this when you're recording the track. Once the mp3 file (you've created using your sound editing software) is on your computer, you should be able to import the file by going to File (in iTunes) and then select add file or folder--depending upon how you saved this music. You just navigate to the file/folder location on your computer and click the "OK" button.

    Just remember, you shouldn't move these files once you add them to the iTunes library or iTunes will not be able to find them on your computer.
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    For Christmas I asked for and reveived one of those LP to CD boxes. very disappointing. the resulting CDs did not match the dynamic quality of the sound from the speakers of the unit. Tried copying to my Mac using Audio HiJack and was still disappointed.

    now you can purchase a cable (SoundTech Lightsnake) that takes output from the headphones jack to USB, then use a program like Audio HiJack or Final Vinyl (discontinued) and/or GarageBand. I bought the cable, and I'm very happy with it.

    I also purchased GarageBand but found that the low/no-price software works just fine with the cable.