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Whenever i plug my ipod into my computer it just says that it is charging. I tried reseting it but all it does is go straight back to charging. Can anyone help me?

Dell, Windows XP
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    This could be several factors.

    It may be that iTunes isn't set for "Enable Disk Use" on the automatic update setting. This will automatically eject your iPod from your computer as soon as it is connected.

    It could be that there's a security program or the like, that's preventing your iPod from staying connected. Do you happen to run McAffee Disk Scanner software? If so, turn it off, and try reconnecting it again.

    Have you tried putting your iPod into Disk Mode? What happens when you connect it in Disk Mode?

    Then, there's a possibility that other USB devices are conflicting with yours. Try disconnecting all other USB devices that are currently connected, resetting your iPod, then connecting it to your computer again.

    You may need to assign your iPod a different drive letter, as well (if it's showing up in "My Computer" and Disk Management Area):

    Log off of any other users on your computer.

    1 - Don’t plug in your iPod yet.
    2 - Go to "START -> Control Panel -> Admin Tools (if you don't see this, click on "classic view" button on the left panel) -> Computer Management."
    3 - Click on the "Disk Management" button in the left panel area.
    4 - Now, with "Computer Management" and Control Panel windows opened, reset your iPod, and connect it.
    5 - Right-click on your iPod's listing there (after a few moments when it gets recognized in this drive window), and click on "Change Drive letter and Paths". Then the "Change..." button.

    Here's what it should look like:

    Assign your iPod the letter "M" "N", "O" or the like (further along in the alphabet).

    For more details, see this article:
    Windows confuses iPod drive letter / Changing drive letter

    I hope that helps you.


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