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My iPod was working fine until I deleted songs that were all duplicated (using Anapod) and then discovered there weren't any songs left on my iPod.

I synced it back to iTunes and this messege popped out
"iTunes cannot read the contents of your iPod..etc etc" The gist of the message was that iTunes couldn't read my iPod and after I clicked the OK tab, the page sort of freezes and I can't click restore, so, its not possible for me to restore my iPod!

I've tried everything! Re-installing iTunes; disconnecting USB ports; resetting iPod nothing works.


I have 15 video podcasts. in the Settings area, it says i have 15 but when I go to the menu section in the podcasts, i have 30! all duplicated!


1. how do I restore my iPod
2. how do i get rid of the duplicates?

Dell, Windows XP Pro
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