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Recently my Ipod starting to randomly "freeze" while playing a song. (The black screen with the white apple shows up) It doesn't happen all that often, but enough that it bugs me.

My Ipod is pretty new, I bought it in August. Anyone know what's wrong? Should I contact Apple? Thanks.

Ipod w/Video, Windows XP
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    Try restoring and/or the 5 R's. If you want to contact apple, here is their contact support line


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    If your Ipod is using software version 1.2, then the glitch you are having may be a common problem that many people are having.

    The glitch is, if you have songs recorded in MONO and have the Ipod's equalizer in use, then the thing reboots as soon as any of those MONO recorded songs try to play.

    There are 3 solutions to this problem (if indeed it is the same problem).

    1. Turn of the Equalizer
    2. Re-encode the Mono songs into stereo
    3. Just remove the Mono songs altogether.

    To see which songs are recorded in mono, do a search for all music in your computer, then clik on the column header to add a column, and pick CHANNELS out of the list. Then you will see which songs are recorded in MONO.

    P.S. The 5r's will not solve this problem... the thing will act the same way when reloaded with the same songs.
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    My iPod has this same problem, and it has just recently started, even though I got it in January. Whenever I listen to my music on shuffle, my iPod restarts in the middle of any song. The shuffle count starts over and the backlight timer goes to 10 seconds when this restart occurs.

    How do I add a column as CHANNELS? What column am I inserting, and where?
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    If you do a Windows Search for music files, or use the Windows Explorer to view your hard drive contents, there are columns that show you filenames, file sizes, types, etc.

    If you right clik on the column header (up on top where it says "fileName" or "file size"), a list of optional columns will appear, and you when you pick one, a new column will appear showing the details of whatever you chose. So if you pick the "genre", a Genre column will open in that window and show you the genres of every song on the screen. There is also a "Channels" column, which will show you the number of channels the file is encoded in (i.e. Mono, Stereo) Once you have that column showing, you can then Sort the files in the folder based on that column by left cliking on the column header (where it says "channels"). That will group all of your Mono songs togther, at which point you can easily move them out of the Ituns library as a group, re-encode them to Stereo, or just delete them altogether.

    But all of that still won't get them off the Ipod, unless you follow the above process on the Ipod itself rather than your hard drive. But I think it's easier to get rid of the files off the computer then re-sync the Ipod using ITunes, which will erase the unwanted (mono) tracks.
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    Thank you for helping me all the way through it :]