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Hi guys, I keep going back and forth on this one. At first I thought that due to the newest version of X, I could just buy any old external DVD burner, but now after reading some of the other discussions, I am not so sure.
Please let me know if the SONY DRX-830U USB2.0 external DVD burner will work with OSX, I don't think its gonna be a problem, but dont want to deal with the return issues etc, in the case that it is a problem. Its a great deal, I usually buy lacie or something comprable from the Apple store but at this point now that its all Intel why bother, when there is lots of cheaper, "quality" stuff out there.
Thanks in advance

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    Your Mac Mini Intel will probably be able to burn data, but not necessarily use iDVD on that burner, unless it is compatible with http://www.patchburn.de/
    The only burners I know which are, are those by http://www.macsales.com/

    Your TiBook only has USB 1.1, so I wouldn't use any USB 2 burner on it.

    Also depending on the age of your TiBook you may or may not be able to use iDVD with it at all. 733 Mhz G4 or faster is necessary for iDVD.
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    I'm sorry I can't tell you specifically about the Sony burner you have in mind, but I would caution you not to consider the matter of compatibility to be one related to the hardware platform as such. The switch to an Intel platform doesn't have much impact on whether devices work or not because the issue is one of driver availability/compatibility and OS. It would be likely to work on an Intel Mac running Windows under BootCamp or Parallels, but not at all certain that the same system running MacOS would recognize it.

    I would also wonder, given the prices that seem prevalent for that unit, if it might not be possible to source a cheaper external, perhaps in a firewire enclosure which may be a better solution.
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    Why is it that the internal drives in enclosures seem to be more compatible?
    I wasnt really hoping to use the burner with the tibook, just the mini, and basically just to record lots of my shows from eyeTV, and free up my external drives. As far as the price, I dont really want to put in on blast but its on sale for 69.99 and its sony, so I figured it would be a good deal if it works. From some of the research I had been doing, I though that with tiger and the new iLife that foreign drivers were sort of a thing of the past. I suppose the best way to find out for sure is to try it? Are there any helpful workarounds, and/or drivers that anyone knows of??

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    That Patchburn I mentioned will make many DVD burners iDVD compatible. Whether it will makes yours compatible depends on the firmware on the burner. You can check what firmware might be necessary and if others have tried the particular burner on http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/
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    I have an Iomega Super DVD 16x16($129) USB 2 that works fine with my iMac G5 and my intel mini.
    You can usually just use disk utility to burn dvd's.
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    I have that same Sony model hooked up to my intel mini and it works fine. Although I don't use idvd, it does work fine with mactheripper and roxio popcorn. It rips and burns pretty fast.
    I did a little search on the net and this link has some info about a second model that comes with Toast 6.0 for mac.
    I beleive the drives are the same the difference is one comes with Nero software for PCs and the other with Toast for macs. As far as price goes I found the Sony on sale at Bestbuy for $69.00 and with a 10% off coupon it was less then $63.00. The model at BB is the one with PC software but again the drive itself works fine.

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    Thanks, I went out and got it, it works great for the price. I use it with toast, and Itunes sees it too, not a big IDvd or Imovie user, but I think it would probably go with them too. Just curious as to what an average time for a DVD burn is??