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I have a PowerBook G4 and am connecting a Western Digital portable hard drive via USB (high-speed). It worked it the past, but it is no longer showing up in finder windows or on the desktop, and as such, I cannot access the files stored on it. When I open up the system profiler, it shows up as being connected in the USB Device Tree, but I don't know how to proceed... PLEASE help, I am a photographer and I have tons of images stored here, not to mention my iTunes library!!!

powerbook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
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    Have you tried 'mounting' the drive from within Disk Utility (found in 'Utilities' within the Applications folder)?

    Do you have any other USB devices connected when you connect the drive? If so try ejecting all other USB devices before connecting the drive. Have you also tried using a different USB cable?

    Does the drive require an external power supply? If so, have you checked the power supply?

    Have you noticed if there were any unusual noises or activity from the drive in recent days? If so try 'Repair Disk' from Disk Utility. I don't want to scare you but there is always a possibility that the drive is either failing or has failed - hopefully that will not be the case.

    Do you have DiskWarrior? If so try checking the drive with DW.

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    I purchased an ION External Hard Drive (USB 2.0) and it is not showing up on the Desktop or in the Finder. Though it does appear in the System Profiler under "USB," it does not show up in the Disk Utility.
    It is the only USB device connected.
    It's a brand new drive and has never been used before.
    Thanks a lot.