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Greetings iMac Geniuses !

I am trying to learn/understand QuickTime and make sure I have the correct setup. When I go the Control Panel and pull up "QuickTime Settings" I realize how little I know about this technology !

There are twelve options that you setup and for the most part I haven't the foggiest idea if I'm correct in these setups. But, the one that really stumps me is the Streaming Proxy and the Streaming Transport.

There was a ray of hope when you have the option in Streaming Transport for QuickTime select the right setup by clicking on "Auto Configure" so click I did . . . and having been for a week or so, and all I get is the disclaimer that says "A network connection could not be established. Your network settings may be incorrect or your firewall may be blocking RTSP and HTTP ports"

How do I check these things?

I would appreciate any help you can offer on this !

Thanks so much, in advance !

Jack Howe

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