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Austin Sloat Level 2 Level 2
We have been hammering out issues since we upgraded to Tiger Server a week ago. Just when I think everything is working great there is something else...

When I log in to Webmail I can use my shortname or any of my aliases. At least two of my users though are only able to log in using their first shortname. As far as I can there is nothing different about their accounts. In both of their cases they had been using one of the aliases to log into webmail on Panther server. Neither actually even knew what their first shortnames were. The error that pops up in the IMAP log when they try to log in is "AOD: CRAM-MD5: parameter error: bad digest:user name" and then a long hex code that differs at each log entry.

Anyone have any ideas?

PowerBook G4 1.67   Mac OS X (10.4.8)